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Choose Your Social Environment To Get What You Want

Resolutions Work 9% of the Time to Get What You Want

With high hopes to get what you want, like most people, you probably set some resolutions at the New Year.

As a matter of fact. within 2 weeks, 29% of people who set a resolution are not sticking with it and by the end of the year, 91% have failed.

Yikes! Those are not great odds.

Consequently, like most people, maybe you’ve already fallen off the wagon…

In either case, I have a tip that will help increase your odd of being in the 9% that succeed… therefore, you can get what you want.

In fact, reaching goals doesn’t have to be hard. It can be easier… AND it can also be FUN!

When you create your social environment to pull you toward what you want, you are taking one big step to setting yourself up for success.

In today’s video…

I share with you how to do this, along with an example that you can use to come up with your own plan.

Here’s what we covered…

  • What is a social environment? And why do you need one.
  • Toxic negative complaining pessimists can drag you down with them.
  • A supportive, positive, you-can-do-it social environment is what you need to pull you forward.
  • I can do it alone! Maybe… it’s a whole lot easier when you have support though… and more FUN!

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