Who’s Jen

Hey, I’m Jen. I’m all about empowering all of us to live on our own terms… from our heart & soul. And PS… I do NOT have all my shit together. No one does. So let’s do this life thing together.

Here’s a bit about me…

Growing up, I was extremely shy and insecure. Although I didn’t recognize it for what it was at the time, I felt utterly inferior to everyone… for no apparent reason. And I was afraid of being found out… for what? I’m not sure. Being socially awkward maybe? I was more comfortable around some people than others, so that’s who I spent my time with.

It was probably worse after we moved from Wisconsin to Las Vegas. I was 9 and my parents had just officially divorced (after a few years of on again, off again). I was excited about moving until we got here. At first, I hated it. My mom worked a lot, I missed my family & I hated having to meet new people.

I was smart and did well in school and kind of wished there was no recess, because then I didn’t have to be social… BEING SHY SUCKS, if you’ve never experienced it.

After a while, some things changed & I really did start to like my new home (40-some years later, I consider Vegas my home).

In my late teens, I started coming out of my shell more… exploring and expressing who I was. Some part of me started to realize I’m not interested in fitting in. Since then, I’ve gone through phases of life where I’ve stifled that unique part of me in one way or another.

I got married in my early 20s, moved to New Mexico, got a degree in chemical engineering (when I never thought I’d even go to college) & worked a couple years for a tech company. This was one of those stifling periods where I wasn’t letting my real self out fully & had zero passion for any part of the life I was living… After 6 years of marriage (no kids), I got divorced, left my job and moved back “home” to Vegas.

That was actually a huge, crazy risk for me… I had virtually no clue what I was going to do with my life… and that was definitely NOT my style. I had always had a solid job or plan… I was the list maker, not a risk taker… ha ha, so I thought. Now I’m also a rule breaker. (Notice the rhyming… hehe… I’m also a little goofy sometimes… usually it’s a “dry” humor… that’s a pun on how in the SW we say it’s a “dry” heat.)

Since then I’ve discovered my biggest passions and talents involve empowering women through self discovery… also bringing in my engineering mind with practical, systematic methods that provide tangible results… it’s not all woo-wooey fluff!

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Much love,