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Simple Tips For Healthy Holidays

People often give in to the holiday temptations without even putting up a fight. They just throw in the towel before the holiday season even begins, assuming it will be too hard to be healthy during this time of year. That is simply not true. As with every other day you live, it is completely your choice.

Sure, there can be more temptations and more stressful situations than you usually deal with. That just means you need to set yourself up for success. Make a choice, right now, that you will not allow your circumstances to derail you from inner and outer health. Make the choice, right now, that in every moment you will make decisions that are in alignment with what you really want.

Here are some simple tips that can help you make that easier…

  1. Relax & take time for YOU.

The holidays are for everyone to enjoy. That means you too! Make sure you take time out for yourself to relax. Make sure you slow down enough during the holiday rush to enjoy them as well.

  1. Loosen up your definition of “perfect”.

Let go of your idea of the perfect holidays & just allow them to be what they are. You will enjoy yourself so much more. Perfect is not always what you imagine it is. Enjoy the people & don’t concern yourself so much with the details.

  1. “Moderation” mantra. Taste a little of all you like.

Food temptations can be all over the place during the holidays. You don’t have to deprive yourself completely in order to stay on your healthy path. Just have a taste of whatever you’d like. If you take the time to enjoy & savor the small taste of something, you won’t need more.

  1. Bananas, not butter in baked goods.

Substitute bananas for butter in baked goods. That cuts fat and calories. You can also use things like pumpkin, butternut squash or other similar squashes.

  1. Healthy snacks on hand to avoid temptation.

Keep healthy snacks handy so you’re not so tempted to indulge in the unhealthy temptations. I often find that the temptation of an unhealthy snack is more of a habit. When eating healthier, you’ll most likely find sweets to be overly sweet and not enjoy them as much. Pay attention to that.

  1. Park far from door when shopping to walk more.

Activity is always important for a healthy lifestyle. Skip driving around the parking lot looking for a close space. Just park on the outskirts of the lot and walk to the door. It’s safer, less stressful and gives you an opportunity to get some activity.

  1. Volunteer… keeps you active & you’re giving.

Give some of your time to one of the many organizations and events that seek out volunteers during the holidays. You can give something truly valuable and you’ll most likely be moving around to get some activity as well. This one thing is healthy for your mind, body and soul.

  1. Get creative to come up with your own tips.

Look for opportunities to be more healthy during the holidays. Challenge yourself to find the ways a holiday environment can actually support you in living your healthy lifestyle instead of simply accepting that it will derail you. It’s your choice.

Keep your mind, body and soul healthy for the holidays!

Stay connected and reach out, especially if you are struggling with isolation or depression. You are not alone.