How to Set Goals You Really Want

If you set goals the same way most people do, you usually end up with disappointment.

You don’t reach your goal because you are uninspired and unmotivated. It’s not really YOUR goal and you may not even realize it.

Or you do reach your goal and it’s just not all it’s cracked up to be.

Wouldn’t you rather know how to set goals you really want?

I know my life worked better for me once I started doing that. It’s not perfect and I don’t have fancy material stuff… because that’s not what I strive for. What I strive for comes from my heart and I’m happier than I would be otherwise. You can be too.

When I was younger, my goals revolved around money, jobs, stuff like that. Looking back, it seems so shallow, empty and cookie cutter… Like everyone has basically the same goals. And I was setting goals based on societal expectations, rather than on my heart.

Ugg, really?!

Now I focus on what really matters. And if I do have a money goal, it’s always for a specific purpose and I tie that goal to the real purpose.

To me, life is about being happy and fulfilled. It’s about being the 100% authentic me… which is a goal I continue to strive for & I consider that a journey, rather than a destination… because I feel I’m always evolving.

When most people set goals, they skip over the most important part… Making sure they’re heart-aligned goals.

Today I’m sharing with you how to set goals you really want, so you succeed by YOUR definition & feel super excited about it.

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