5 Goal Setting Mistakes That Keep You From Getting What You Want

OMG!!! Have you taken those goal setting or time management courses…
You know, the ones that give a big clunky planner book – at least that’s what they did in the 90s – filled with pages, tabs, and to-do lists. It almost seems like you need a planner for your planner!!!

[Oh, wait, you needed a whole course for it…]

Well, if you know me at all, you know that I dig simplicity. And all those pages… NOT simplicity.

I just uploaded a brand new video going over the 5 goal setting mistakes that keep you from getting what you want.

The 5 Goal Setting Mistakes That Keep You From Getting What You Want… And What to Do Instead:

  1. Setting goals based on what other people want.
  2. Solve this by tapping into your heart to set goals based on what fuels YOUR passions.
  3. Lack of Focus… setting too many goals at once.
  4. Solve this by focusing on ONE main goal at a time.
  5. No plan or an overwhelming plan.
  6. Solve this by creating a clear, simple plan that breaks your goal down into manageable chunks. (This is one of my super powers.)
  7. No momentum.
  8. Solve this by creating momentum immediately, within minutes of setting any goal.
  9. Limiting Beliefs… past baggage that keeps you doubting your ability to achieve the goal.

Solve this by uncovering what is behind your limiting beliefs & releasing or healing it.
(Yes, I know, this one’s a biggee… I’ve got you though.)

This all might seem like a lot. That’s why it’s important you get support in implementing it… and I have the perfect solution to make sure you can.

5 Days. Simple Steps. Design Your Heart Aligned Life Blueprint.

You can get through this life-changing 5 day challenge in just minutes each day. At the end, you’ll have a practical blueprint for your own extraordinary life.

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