Episode #7: Do This If You Want To Be Healthy From the Inside Out – Part 2 (of 5)

In this episode, Jen shares details on 3 of the 12 principles to get healthy from the inside out.

You'll learn why these principles are important and how to cultivate them in your life… including, specific, actionable tips that make it easy for you to implement TODAY.

Welcome to the the Women Rockin' Midlife Podcast… Soulful Wellness to Elevate Your 2nd ACT

the podcast dedicated to empowering midlife women to thrive and rock their way through this transformative phase of life.

I'm your hostess, Jen Kunkel, Join me as we explore this midlife thing together & I guide you on a soulful journey of holistic wellness and self-discovery… ultimately leading you to your best, most energetic, most fulfilling life.

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