Hormonal Harmony Quest Confirmation

You’re In for The Hormonal Harmony Quest – 3 Day Virtual Retreat!

Congratulations on taking this step for your emotional and physical well-being!!! You are so brave and so worthy! And I am super excited to have you here!

It’s a big leap, and I’m here to shower you with support and guidance.

Your quest – if you choose to embark on it – is, in 3 days, to be able to conquer the emotional roller coaster and calm the hormonal hurricane of relentless racing thoughts that have been holding you captive, by crafting your customized “Hormonal Harmony Blueprint”, using evidence based mind-body practices that will allow you to navigate this phase of life without drugs or HRT.

Sometimes, investing in ourselves can feel daunting, especially if we’re not used to putting our needs first. But rest assured, you haven’t just bought a service, you’ve invested in a transformation. And I’m committed to walking this path with you, every step of the way.

I have 3 mini quests for you now (these are being sent to your inbox also)…
Mini Quest #1 – Celebrate!!! (2 quest points)

Take a moment to celebrate your decision… to stop suffering, stop powering through, stop feeling helpless along your menopause journey. Come with me on this quest where I’ll guide you in bringing enchantment and enjoyment into your experience instead.

Mini Quest #2 – Safe List Emails – Hit Reply (1 quest point)

Make sure our connection to communicate is clear… no, not telepathically… I’m talking logistics here! Check your email inbox to make sure messages from me are coming to your primary inbox and not being sent to spam.

You are about to go from caterpillar to butterfly on this enchanted journey… and you don’t want to miss any steps… So, confirm you’re in by hitting reply to the email I sent and tell me “I love butterflies” (this will make sure future messages get to you & solidify our main communication channel)

Mini Quest #3 – Add Retreat Dates to Your Calendar (1 quest point)

These are the times in Pacific Standard Time… Be sure to convert for your time zone. I also highly recommend you allow time Saturday evening to assimilate what you have learned rather than making plans for a night out.

  • Friday, March 8th, 6pm – 9pm PT
  • Saturday, March 9th, 9am – 3:30 PT
  • Sunday, March 10th, 9am – 12:30 PT

I’ll see you in your inbox!!

Much Love,