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Episode 15. Gratitude Meditation Wild Savvy Meditations

Welcome to Wild Savvy Meditations….  In today’s meditation, I’ll guide you through a gratitude meditation.  When we feel and experience deep gratitude, we raise our vibration and attract even more to be grateful for. Thank you for joining me on this journey, where I’ll share unique meditations I’ve been creating and using for myself over the past 30ish years.  I use science based methods where possible. Enjoy!! Subscribe to be notified when a new meditation is released, Every 2 weeks. Follow me on IG @jen_kunkel
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Guided meditation is the easiest way to meditate, whether you have experience or not. So, I’ve created this podcast to share some of my favorite methods. Science has shown that consistent, long term meditation practice can help alleviate stress… specifically, meditation can lessen reactivity to stressful situations and help the body recover more quickly when you do react. That said, sound scientific studies around the effects of meditation are limited. So, we go with what we have and our own experience. Personally, I have found meditation helpful in alleviating physical pain, emotional reactivity and definitely, stress.